Hand-Stitched Deer Ornament with Courtney Cerruti | Creativebug [Video Stream and Download]

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Hand-Stitched Deer Ornament with Courtney Cerruti | Creativebug [Video Stream and Download]:
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Adding a new ornament to the tree every year is a wonderful Christmas tradition, and it is even better when an ornament is made by hand.
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About this class:
Courtney Cerruti demonstrates how to create a rustic fawn ornament using felt, simple embroidery and hand stitching. You will want to make this sweet project for all of your loved ones.
Learn how to:
· Cut out felt pieces using PDF template
· Add fawn details using embroidery thread
· Add twine hanging loop
· Stitch together fawn pieces
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About Creativebug:
Our Creativebug channel brings you inspiration and know-how to realize your creative potential. Experience the pride and satisfaction of making something by hand, through hundreds of videos featuring top designers and artists.
About Courtney:
She sees books as objects to be read and re-purposed, candy wrappers as paper flower petals, toilet paper tubes as a menagerie of animals. She sees the potential in the discarded, history in the mundane and art in the everyday. She saves everything, makes anything and teaches from a place of passion and authenticity. Courtney believes everyone is creative and she’d rather spend an evening drinking tea and painting than doing anything else (except maybe scavenging treasures abroad).
You can find her books on Amazon, or at your local bookstore.
Hand-Stitched Deer Ornament with Courtney Cerruti | Creativebug https://www.youtube.com/user/CBugStudio

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