Floss Tube #3 Cross Stitch WIPS, New start, 2016 plans [Video Stream and Download]

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Floss Tube #3 Cross Stitch WIPS, New start, 2016 plans [Video Stream and Download]:
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Whoops...thought the video was backwards like it was as I was filming....i guess its not? Maybe one of these days I'll figure it out and not be a bag of nerves and incomplete thoughts lol. Thanks for stopping by!
"New England Whaling Waters" -By the Bay Needleart
"Bringing Up the Rear"- Imaginating
"Blitzen" -Nora Corbett (Caron Waterlilies Umbria replaced with Weeks Dye Works Foliage; Mill Hill treasures to be replaced with Swarovski 4mm bicones found at Joann's) Forgot to mention--If you want to do this pattern, save yourself the trouble with Kreinik 1432 & 3214....They are almost identical, I cannot see a difference between them when stitched next to each other. I would only get one, probably 1432 if you plan to do some of the other reindeer.
2016 planned starts:
"Mermaid of Atlantis" -Mirabilia (Part of Cross Stitch & Discuss Mirabilia SAL)
"Knightmare" -Courtney Collection
"Bluebeard's Princess" -Mirabilia
"At the Met"- Mirabilia; conversion planned
New Stash:
"Ashley's Roses"- Mirabilia
Current Jams:
Sia-Elastic Heart https://youtu.be/KWZGAExj-es **Watch as an art piece to avoid being skeeved out**
Sia-Alive https://youtu.be/t2NgsJrrAyM
The Chainsmokers-Roses https://youtu.be/G5Mv2iV0wkU
Coast Modern- Hollow Life https://youtu.be/C6gq2iYISNI
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