AMAZON VR, Kingdom of Forests [Video Stream and Download]

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AMAZON VR, Kingdom of Forests [Video Stream and Download]:
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The Amazon rainforest plays a vital role in our planet’s climate stability; it regulates atmospheric patterns storing in one year, the equivalent of ten years of global fossil fuel emissions, responsible for climate change. Its forests recycle about 50 - 75% of the annual rainfall back to the atmosphere, helping regulate rainfall which is key for agriculture. Peru is the fourth country in the world with the most tropical rainforests and its deforestation generates almost half of the greenhouse gases within the country.
Directed and Filmed by Kieran Behan (
Stitched and Edited by Tobias Götz (
Financed by the 2050 - Millennium Ecosystem Fund
a partnership with WWF , UN-REDD, and MINAP
special thanks to

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