{Lilo & Stitch}~Connected~ (For Meiia) [Video Stream and Download]

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{Lilo & Stitch}~Connected~ (For Meiia) [Video Stream and Download]:
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So, this is one of out three secret santa gifts that I am taking part in this year. :). I really have fun with these projects and I just make friends with my secret santas. :D. So, this one I made a gift for likes Lilo and Stitch, so, I mainly focused on their friendship, which is really cute and heartwarming. I got pretty excited making this since I finally got to vid with this adorable movie. :D. I even heard that she did like any type of music, so, I decided to go with this cover. :).
Hey, Meiia~ I am your secret santa. I really hope we get to be fast friends! I really love your videos, and they are really sweet and awesome. ^^ I hope you like this small gift that I made you. ^____^
Song: Connected {Cover}
Footage: Lilo and Stitch

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