Learn To Knit In An Hour: How To Bind Off [Video Stream and Download]

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Learn To Knit In An Hour: How To Bind Off [Video Stream and Download]:
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Bind Off
Binding off, or casting off as it is also known, is very easy! You bind off stitches when you have completed your knitting project and the action of binding off removes the stitches from your needles as well as preventing your knitting from unravelling.
When your knitting is at your desired length start a new row of knitting but only knit the first two stitches.
You now have two stitches on your right hand needle. Slide the end of your left hand needle into the first stitch you knitted on the right hand needles and lift the stitch over the second stitch you knitted and slide it off both stitches.
You now only have one stitch on your right hand needle, so knit the next stitch on the left needle, so you have two stitches on the right hand needle again. Once again lift the first stitch on the right hand needle over the second stitch and off the needle.
Continue until you only have one stitch left on the right hand needle and non on the left hand needle. Stretch out the loop of the last stitch, slip it off your needle and thread your yarn through it, forming a knot. Cut the yarn leaving a strand at last 10cm long (so you can sew the ends in if required).
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