How I Krazy-Glued My Hand Back Together! [Video Stream and Download]

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How I Krazy-Glued My Hand Back Together! [Video Stream and Download]:
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Yep!… I Krazy-Glued my hand back together! I’m back in Ojai, CA for a minimum of six months right now as I restructure and improve upon our business here. Everything is feeling pretty fast-paced in the beginning phases here and unfortunately I didn’t slow down my energy when I came home for lunch. I didn’t have time for a green juice, so I pulled our bottle of E3 Live out of the freezer to get some chunks of "green ice". That's when I accidentally missed the bottle with the knife and cut into my hand, 1 inch deep, between the thumb and index finger! I went to the hospital and they wanted to charge me over $500 just to see the doctor. In Ecuador, where we've been living the last five years, an American friend of mine who had an accident was freely stitched up at no charge at the local hospital...that's just how things are I was more than a little shocked at the $500 price tag just to be seen! They told me that the doctor would probably just stitch it up or glue it back together with special glue. I walked out, and as I was driving away, a friend called me and said, “Even though this is not the most organic approach, whenever my family cut themselves, we just Krazy-Glue it together”. Ding ding ding! What can I just resonated with me, because the last time I had cut myself, some weeks earlier in Florida, I used butterfly bandaids and the wound would open up all the time and get infected. It was a mess and I just loved this glue idea instead. I drove to a pharmacy, got some Krazy-Glue and glued it up. There hasn’t been a mess since and it’s simply healing from the inside out. It’s like a miracle! It even says on the Krazy-Glue package that it "instantly bonds skin together"! That might sound like a health warning, however I think it is also a secret way to let people know about this wound-sealing tip without making any claims, lol ;-) Anyhow, if you want to hear me tell the story in person, just click the video below!
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